Tiger on the Caucasian ridge
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The Zip Group

Tiger on the Caucasian ridge

Lot 11 Year: 2021
Material, technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 192 x 108 cm
Estimate: $4110 Start bidding: $2877 SOLD FOR $2877

The ZIP group artistic practice resonates with the attempt at strengthening the cross-species equality. Thus animal world is frequently depicted in their projects. By making crabs, dolphins, tardigrades and jaguars the main characters of their paintings, the artists set connection with the non-human. The group living and working in Krasnodar pay special attention to the local context, especially the Southern Russian flora and fauna. The territory of the Caucasus was once inhabited by the Turanian tigers. The last representatives of this species became extinct in the middle of the 20th century.

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