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About us

MOST auction was created with the object to popularize contemporary art. Today when online and offline spaces are flooded with creative work, we consider it necessary to accentuate the most pertinent and talented samples in it.

MOST does not just highlight noteworthy artist works: the auction format offers the audience, taking a lively interest in contemporary art, an opportunity to see original works de visu, to assess them with no middlemen and purchase them under the frame of the auction. We stand for contemporary art being in demand.

Many people tend to decorate interiors with paintings and replications. MOST facilitates this light hobby to develop into a serious or even offbeat passion – like collecting, for instance. As indeed every painting is created in order to excite and heat the audience perception. MOST concept is pretty simple: the way a work of art is distinguished, strong and undisguised to you determines the price you are ready to pay for it.

Only you can decide what is really valuable for you. We just take care of the fact that the works placed for auction are really significant and contain a creative urge, an idea and an authentic emotion. To do that MOST enlists multifaceted persons with their own views, but professionally immersed into artwork sphere. This enables us to present works of any and all contemporary art movements at the auction.

While staying a full featured auction MOST extends the frames of this event. Currently MOST is a mixture of an art show, a rout and a cocktail party – it comprises all elements of festival and entertainment. Under such unobtrusive conditions, amid communication and new acquaintances the main thing happens: a Work of Art and its Devotee meet.

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