From the series Silence
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Ilya Gaponov

From the series Silence

Lot 10 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 180 х 150 cm
Estimate: $10000 Start bidding: $6164

The picturesque series “Silence” was created by Ilya Gaponov after his daughter was born. Depicting his models — girls and young women — from the back, the artist finds a way to put together a portrait-state by subtle, barely noticeable details. The turn of the head, touching disheveled braids, elements of clothing and jewelry — there is no need to paint character’s face for a viewer to intuitively catch her mood or follow the direction of her eyes. Contrary to the well-known statement about the “mirror of the soul”, it is the “silence” of portraits that allows us to grasp the very essence of images created by Gaponov.

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