Head of Priest
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Recycle Group

Head of Priest

Lot 9 Year: 2021
Material, technique: The 2016 version of the foam concrete sculpture
Size: 100 х 70 cm
Estimate: $9315 Start bidding: $7534

The Recycle group recycles concepts and images from the world, mainly Western culture, using them to talk about modern problems related to the acceleration and digitalization of the world. A sculptural bust from the New World Order project, which borrows elements from the Masonic movement, depicts the head of a priest. The inscription on the bust refers to the “Blocked Content” project, in which the Recycle group developed the concept of “digital hell”. Drawing on images from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, artists create a static space in which online sinners get stuck and suffer, excommunicated from the process of constant content production and consumption. The bust made of nano-concrete bears the signs of destruction, typical of objects that have lain in the ground for years. Styling their sculptures like archaeological artifacts, Recycle shows the integration of the Internet era into the global history.

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