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Baranov Gleb


Lot 65 Year: 2021
Material, technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 90 х 110 cm
Estimate: $1507 Start bidding: $753 SOLD FOR $753

The artistic language of Gleb Baranov is influenced by the Middle East: a rare artist who travelled to those places paints strict monochrome canvases. The warmth of stones and sand heated in the sun, the juiciness of plants and fruits, bold color combinations of bright fabrics — once captured by the artist’s consciousness, they remained with him in his works. Plane composition and ornamentation are inherited from Arabian miniatures. The magic cat is a frequent character of Baranov’s art. It’s a character from dreams or memories, an agent of the unreal world on the verge of the unconscious, linking individual plots into a single universe — a fairyland fused from oriental motives, modernist tradition and pop- cultural optics.

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