Inversion of red #2
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Natalia Spechinskaya

Inversion of red #2

Lot 51 Year: 2018—2019
Material, technique: Oil, pencil on canvas
Size: 120х100 cm
Estimate: $4932 Start bidding: $3288

This is the second of three “Inversions of Red” paintings by the artist. For Natalia Spechinskaya the color is the primary element of the image, her artistic method is based on the identification of subtle coloristic interactions. Red has a rich symbolic content, so there are many options for interpreting it. A saturated color spot dominates the space where the naked body is placed. There is tension in this posture, an internal struggle. Being inversed the red turns into green and is reflected on the canvas with two dull strokes and greenish reflexes on a barely written body. Immaterial, almost invisible — the inner state, taking a form of color interactions, splashes out to the forefront.

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