Eclipse. From the series Extinguished Rainbow
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Eva Arakcheeva

Eclipse. From the series Extinguished Rainbow

Lot 22 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 150х150 cm
Estimate: $2055 Start bidding: $1644 SOLD FOR $1781

The consciousness of a modern human is immersed into the digital noise of information flows and rapidly changing images. We have to respond to incoming signals and move on all the time. “The Extinguished Rainbow” is a search for escape from a non-stop running. Once you take a pause in front of it, it will stun you with the silence of the static world, and the darkness will gently embrace and drag you into the canvas. Eva defines her creative method as “derealism”. Realism in her canvases is cut off by a specific approach to depicting the luminous properties of objects: the gentle tremor of subtle overflows is not visible at first sight, creating the effect of spying on another world. The black sun, the dried-up tree and the dead land of “Eclipse” create a space of salvation in the silence of the static moment. The rainbow, a symbol of hope, has faded in the real world, but keeps blinking at the joints and angles of the objects belonging to it, fascinating the viewers who are tired of their reality. In the silence of Eva Arakcheeva’s canvas an extinguished rainbow keeps glimmering; at the right moment — it’ll light up again.

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