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Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf


Lot 21 Year: 2016
Material, technique: Tempera, charcoal on canvas
Size: 90 х 55 cm
Estimate: $3425 Start bidding: $2877 SOLD FOR $2877

The “Symbiosis” story about intimacy and mutual assistance derives from nature. Inside an alligator’s powerful jaw, which fills the entire space of the canvas and continues beyond, a small bird navigates freely and confidently. It does not feel any danger and is not afraid to be eaten, because her relationship with a giant reptile is organized according to a special law — the law of mutual assistance. The tension in both characters is strong: the contract can be broken at any moment, and life— interrupted. However there is no compelling reason to stop this mutually beneficial cooperation; the partners in survival stay together.

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