Soft toys for adults decor art design modern steak
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Businki Art cooperative

Soft toys for adults decor art design modern steak

Lot 23 Year: 2021
Material, technique: Тextile
Size: 20 х 30 х 1 cm
Estimate: $1041 Start bidding: $904 SOLD FOR $904

The rag steak continues the series of gastronomic objects created by “Businki”. Reflecting on female occupations, the artists felt the need to artistically compensate the gap which occurred in their lives as they have chosen artists’ paths rather than traditional female ones. The borsch they “cooked” happened to be a huge sewed pot. The steak takes over the story about textile gastronomy. This time the artists recreate the juicy texture of raw meat choosing the most relevant fabrics, so the image could also be read as a sensual textile abstraction. The moment of co presence is an important part of their work: the process of creation for “Businki” is a co-authored practice reflecting the connections inside the group.

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