Sleeping Margin
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Sleeping Margin

Lot 30 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Size: 108 х 175 сm
Estimate: $3117 Start bidding: $2727 SOLD FOR $3896

The works were designed for the total installation Black Market implemented in the framework of the exhibition at XL Gallery. The artists analyze modern market relations – nowadays it is impossible to imagine artists and their works outside of such system. The concept of the art market assumes its capitalistic exploiting function, while artists themselves are on the lowest step in this system. Down with the snobbish attitude towards art! Down with the pressure of the institutional hierarchies! Down with the pretentiousness of art critics and art dealers! Art should be sold freely, even if it may be illegal. In general, it is an amiable irony that makes everyone closer to art.

All funds from the sale of the lot are to be benefited the Center for Contemporary Art "Typography"
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