Criminal Russia
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Criminal Russia

Lot 29 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Acrylic on wood, steel, mixed media
Size: 170 cm
Estimate: $1818 Start bidding: $1312 SOLD FOR $1312

Alexey Ilkaev is a Perm street artist who is better known for his Sad Face black-and-white images, Death is Not Far Off and The Kama works. The first appearance of the recognizable image was in 2011. His works were presented at fairs and exhibitions in Berlin and Stockholm; his ??? in Stockholm was exhibited in Berlin. His Sad Face can be found on the Berlin Wall. The nature of his works is always refracted through his personal existential experiences. This work does not need a presentation. The selected image and the use of the Russian flag colors recreate a metaphorical act of violence. This is an object of social and political representation and critical reflection based on the system of contemporary art that not only comments on and reveals violence, but also seeks to reproduce it.

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