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Saveliy Kharlamov


Lot 31 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Pigment prints on paper, lamination
Size: 103 x 72 cm
Estimate: $584 Start bidding: $455 SOLD FOR $714

Savely Kharlamov is a Krasnodar photo artist who works in series moving from one concept to another, from still life photography to digital abstract expressionism, which is reflected in the visual isolation and personalization of each series. Savely has cooperated with ARTIS Gallery, Glaz (Moscow), Typography Center for Contemporary Art. A participant of VLADEY auction. In this work, the artist raises the question of the relationship between the sculpture, which, in this case, is modeled using a plastic bag, and the natural environment. Comparison of atypical configurations creates material separation. The foreign inclusion, the camouflaged amorphous mass that tries to mimic with the environment using the green color peculiar to the nature — all that creates a reflexive situation of habitual behavior patterns in a complex environment, which allows to experience being right here right now.

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