Sketch 2 to Vasya Was Here
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Ekaterina Muromtseva

Sketch 2 to Vasya Was Here

Lot 43 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Liquid acrylic on paper
Size: 24,5 х 35 cm
Estimate: $342 Start bidding: $274 SOLD FOR $685

Imaginary vagueness of watercolors gets shattered at a closer look. The pagan figure comes through the vertical shape; personal becomes public. The stern and impenetrable face produces forgotten archetypal fear that calls for tributes and sacrifice. Curiously, the artist chose this image to portrait the museum’s visitor, while museum institutions are often willing to sacrifice their independence and, sometimes, dignity in return for visitors’ favor.

All funds from the sale of the lot are to be benefited the Center for Contemporary Art "Typography"
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