Room with Pink Ceiling
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Yekaterina Tsareva

Room with Pink Ceiling

Lot 25 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Mixed media on canvas
Size: 70 х 110 cm
Estimate: $2466 Start bidding: $1370 SOLD FOR $1370

Yekaterina Tsareva is a contemporary Russian artist in the TOP 100 of young Russian artists according to In Art. She was born in Krasnodar and has been living and working in Izhevsk since 2006. Her works were exhibited in Artis Gallery (Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art (2018)), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2015); in 2016, she took part in Cosmoscow. Yekaterina works with painting, sculpture, and video art. She often connects works produced using different media as ‘total’ installations. Her works are notable for their tricky symbiosis of expressive color combinations that produce tense anguish, a frenzy of inner emotions of the characters, laconism, and balanced simple composition. The mood of this work is on the verge of hysteria and mental intoxication expressed by the physical body. Multiple figures produce an effect of moving in space, a restless threshing of a sketchy silhouette devoid of personality and face – a twisted lump of bodily magma. The artist dramatically uses the decorative potential of the color structure to express the capacities of colors and plastic coordination.

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