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Mihail Smaglyuk


Lot 24 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Paper, authentic media
Size: 90 х 60 cm
Estimate: $909 Start bidding: $649 SOLD FOR $1299

Mikhail Smaglyuk is a Krasnodar artist; jeweler; restorer; creator of kinetic objects; honored worker of arts of Kuban; award winner in the sphere of science, education, and culture; owner of the Glyuk gallery. Mikhail is a participant of group projects of Typography Contemporary Art center and Triennial of Contemporary Art (Garage Museum, 2017). His works are in the collections of Russian and foreign connoisseurs of art. In 2019, Mikhail Smaglyuk’s sculpture Point was put up in one of the squares of Krasnodar. Every sketch by the artist is room for experience and a challenge to him. Individualistic approach becomes obvious as early as at the stage of material selection – the artist prefers to make his own paper and looks for authentic performance techniques. The artist often appeals to photographic experiences, which gives a powerful motivation for the collage method of representation. Combined, image overlay and cropping make a contact between the present and the past possible and grab the attention with heterogeneous texture and degree of transparency.

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