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Konstantin Slepukhin

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Lot 23 Year: 2015
Material, technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 120 х 90 cm
Estimate: $1169 Start bidding: $974 SOLD FOR $974

Konstantin Slepukhin is a Russian artist, sketcher, painter. He was born in Dmitrov, Moscow Region, where he lives and works at the moment. His works have been exhibited in Malmö, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, etc. His works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. This work is pronouncedly theatrical, sham. It depicts gaudy female figures that the author portrays as ‘beauties’ — perfect women devoid of arms, legs, faces. Young, overly sexy bodies, they are frozen in the decorativeness of consumer kitsch, like an advertisement. Bright colors refer to the influence of social art. All this can certainly be perceived as a metaphor of the virtual world and theoretic happiness of life in the beginning of the 21st century and a monstrous gap between real life and existence of the soul.

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