#hideoism 874
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#hideoism 874

Lot 14 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Scotch tape, mixed technics
Size: 30 х 29 х 5 cm
Estimate: $390 Start bidding: $325 SOLD FOR $390

MishMash Project appeared in 1999 as a creative collaboration of two artists: Masha Sumnina and Misha Leykin. They became the artists of the year at Cosmoscow in 2019. MishMash create their absurd conceptualism that offers a clear view at the exact coincidence of accidental events and fight poisonous ideologies and persuasive interpretations. Resistance to the existing trends creates a new art movement – hideoism, a movement that is, essentially, a spontaneous belief that embodies the truth of the world order. This work is plastic; the horizontal rhythm of the object in the bottom part is gradually eclipsed by the growing dynamism of the gray heavy sky crowned with the white waves of the tape. If hideoism does involve some constant matter that holds all elements of the universe together, it is tape. Like a patch on a beach ball or a target in a shooting gallery, the foreground of the work presents SuperJew – an anti-superhero in a bright outfit from an earlier MishMash project created in 1997 – rushing to help. Where is he running? Whom can he help? It remains a mystery. Perhaps the point is just to enjoy the process.

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