Monotonous Landscape
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Vladimir Migachyov

Monotonous Landscape

Lot 13 Year: 2004
Material, technique: Pastel on paper, mixed media
Size: 130 х 95 сm
Estimate: $4675 Start bidding: $1299 SOLD FOR $1299

Vladimir Migachev is a famous Krasnodar painter and a sketch artist. He is a significant figure of both regional and national contemporary art. He prefers working with landscapes through which he seeks to capture his perception of life on Earth, its materiality and corporeality, its abundance and variability, gloom and melancholy, tautness and tension. Vladimir is a participant of various Russian and foreign projects; his works are in the collections of Erarta Museum (St. Petersburg), Kovalenko Museum, and a number of private collections in France, Argentina, USA, etc. Like an architect, the artist structures the landscape space arranging the elementary geometry of the horizon and trees with the help of an unsophisticated combination of volumes. The sprawled infinity of time covered by a comprehensive monochrome is made alive and is split by a rhythm of bristly autumn trees. Drawn in a cold, detached manner of emotional non-involvement of the author, the picture is enveloped in an atmosphere of sadness and the total absence of pathos.

All funds from the sale of the lot are to be benefited the Center for Contemporary Art "Typography"
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