#hideoism 546
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#hideoism 546

Lot 15 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Tape, mixed media
Size: 30 х 29 х 5 cm
Estimate: $390 Start bidding: $325 SOLD FOR $351

This work from the Hideoism series can be regarded as a separate work or as part of a larger project that takes years of work. The use of mixed media allows for dynamics and volume despite the fact that the main space is filled with a large dominant color spot. Monotonous blue tape creates a sense of serenity, even marine tranquility despite the carefree cotton clouds scattered on the blue waves of the tape. In a small gap of the landscape space, we can see a familiar hero – SuperJew. Are these random alignments or do they have an internal neat logic? Only he who knows the depth of hideoism can understand.

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