F1 Triumph
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Dmitry Kotlyarov

F1 Triumph

Lot 11 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 150 х 120 сm
Estimate: $1299 Start bidding: $779 SOLD FOR $7143

Dmitry Kotlyarov is a Krasnodar artist who started with painting of Orthodox churches and iconography. His first solo exhibition was held in the Kovalenko Art Museum. His works feature academic forms of experience transfer, which, in turn, allows the artist to enhance the expressive and formal persuasiveness of his own statements, to talk to his contemporaries and to eternity using the same language of realistic imagery. Naturalistic, real-size objects are commensurable and comparable with the viewers. The elements of the lively and dynamic composition look realistic; their objective meaningful relations create a bursting impulse, cheerful and forceful. Following the precepts of realism artists, the author captures time and movement, obsessive in its omnipresence and corresponding to the title — Triumph.

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