The most interesting thing was always inside
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Ivan Seryi

The most interesting thing was always inside

Lot 9 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Сeramics
Size: 18 сm
Estimate: $519 Start bidding: $390 SOLD FOR $649

Ivan Sery is a Nizhny Novgorod street artist and curator. For Ivan, “traditional” street art has acquired new forms of interaction with the audience and the city; recognizable miniature objects penetrate into the canvas of the buildings facing an attack of the citizens on a par with them. Lately, the artist has intensely worked with photorealistic paintings, ceramics, installations. Born out of protest, street art appeals to innocent and unpretentious insolence. Clad in peaceful white ceramic mass, this struggle tool loses its intimidatory properties; it is “museumified” and presented as a petrified artifact, not devoid of expressiveness.

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