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Tim Vilgan


Lot 7 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Canvas, mixed media
Size: 110 х 100 cm
Estimate: $649 Start bidding: $390 SOLD FOR $1558

Gennady Kuzkin is a Kuban artist. He was born in Abinsk, Krasnodar Territory. Gennady is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a participant of municipal, regional, and international exhibitions. In 2018, after the DKhSh Art Group and the Last Exhibition of G. V. Kuzkin, he starts working under the name of Tim Vilgan. The new paintings preserve the recognizable conventional decorative texture used by the author, as well as his color and format preferences. The graphic emphasis of the stroke texture creates multiple reflections of the dull, gray and hostile space of the background. An old-fashioned aircraft takes the central part of the work. It seems that it looks to the past trying to hide from the unforeseen saturated yellow and dull black geometric shapes that balance the composition and become the trigger that cause the phobia of modernity.

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