Drawing 21.02.20
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Nalbi Bugashev

Drawing 21.02.20

Lot 5 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Pencil on paper
Size: 21 х 29,7 cm
Estimate: $390 Start bidding: $260 SOLD FOR $390

This work duplicates the basic style of Drawing 01.02.20 – same yellowish paper with a number of mysterious figures and phrases flirting with the fine connection between science and art. Geometric shapes forming a square on the sheet are located above slender columns. They restore a stable relationship with the previous series of the artist’s abstractions whose fundamental element was another geometrical shape – the circle. It allowed the artist to reveal all the possibilities of art by eliminating the need in the search for a leitmotif and thus freeing the mind. The repeated element in this sketch is, rather, a conductor to the new mythology created by the author.v

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