Drawing 01.02.20
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Nalbi Bugashev

Drawing 01.02.20

Lot 4 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Pencil on paper
Size: 21 х 29,7 cm
Estimate: $390 Start bidding: $260 SOLD FOR $403

Nalbi Bugashev emerged as an artist in the 1980s in the Krasnodar artistic environment. He has been living and working in Moscow for over 20 years. His works have been exhibited in GSI-Tipografia, Makaronka Art Center, Artplay, ART+ART GALLERY (Winzavod). He is best known for his poetic abstract painting and sketches of nude women. The auction presents the sketches from the artist’s latest series where he continues to experiment with expressive forms and, in many ways, changes his approach by addressing the legacy of conceptual art. Literal and digital graphemes and a mental puzzle addressing the memory of ex-Soviet citizens are placed on an A4 sheet of paper. Yellowish paper for drawing with binder holes on the left side is filled with engineering and lyrical mood. This work seems to be a piece of history of a Soviet representative of the technical intelligentsia that were often connoisseurs of fine arts. Absent-minded, our hero automatically reproduces a weird part that occupies a central place on the sheet. Despite being a sketch, this work is perceived as a complete and independent drawing.

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