In front of TV
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Vladimir Kukhar

In front of TV

Lot 3 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 80 х 110 cm
Estimate: $779 Start bidding: $649 SOLD FOR $1364

Vladimir Kukhar, a Krasnodar artist, was born in the village of Gvardeiskoye, Ukraine. He is better known in Krasnodar for his recognizable monochrome landscapes full of symbolism, including urban landscapes with architectural elements. The auction presents the artist’s works of 2019 which demonstrate the evolution of the author’s style towards modernist experiments. We see a semi-nude young woman immersed in meditative silence whose face is turned to the lightest spot on the canvas — the TV. The young and fragile figure is surrounded by the tranquility and warmth of the muted combination of oxide green and purple. Despite the fact that the elements of the painting are displayed in a single plane, the composition is full of stable equilibrium. The right combination of masses and deep and refined colors engage in a confidential dialogue with the viewer about pure feelings and meaning of forms.

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