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Ivan Dubyaga


Lot 18 Year: 2017
Material, technique: Paper, oil, pastel
Size: 86 х 61 сm
Estimate: $342 Start bidding: $205

Ivan Dubiaga was born in 1980 in Krasnodar and graduated from the Department of History and Museum Studies of Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts. He started working as an artist after graduating in 2007, and his recognizable style developed almost immediately. His bold combination of neo-expressionism and art brut is rare for Krasnodar, and Russia in general – forms which first found expression in graphics and canvases, and now in gif- animation. Dubiaga likes to use the text as a bright, significant, expressive element. Sometimes the image is deprived of its characters, showing the viewer only their trace — as in the graphics “Horror”. It is surprising that with such a set of gloomy graphic means, Dubiaga manages to remain not only the most evil and depressing, but also the most cheerful of all the Krasnodar authors.

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