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Irina Zyuskina


Lot 17 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Orgalite, tempera
Size: 45 х 90 см
Estimate: $685 Start bidding: $616 SOLD FOR $890

Architecture and urban space are the major concepts for Irina Zyuskina’s artwork. If a person appears in her paintings, most often it is a lonely figure suppressed by the volumes of the capital rush. The laconic and dry abbreviation “MSC” in the title of her work is also reflected in its composition. Monolithic walls resemble fortresses, the eyes slide over them with nothing to catch on. Buildings rise above Muscovites, whose heads are compositionally equalized, and their bodies are organized according to the rhythm of the city. They move by as always, minding their own business. However, a piercing gaze of one of the passers-by breaks the movement, introducing viewers into the space of the canvas

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