She wanted to swim in the pool by candlelight
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Vladislava Tarasova, Gleb Baranov

She wanted to swim in the pool by candlelight

Lot 72 Year: 2021
Material, technique: Холст, масло, акрил
Size: 76 х 76 cm
Estimate: $1370 Start bidding: $685 SOLD FOR $1096

Gleb Baranov is a Krasnodar artist who has been serving as an assistant to the tanker captain for five years. Vladislava Tarasova is a Krasnodar artist originally from Yeisk. Having graduated from Krasnodar Art School (2021), she is currently studying contemporary art and design at MoMA (New York). Lately they have been working a lot together; recent exhibitions include “Psychological Research” in the “Coffee Library” and “Lands of Vak-vak” in the Contemporary Art Center “Module” (Bryansk). Playing with the scale and misalignment of expectations, the artists use references to the pop culture of the 90’s and aesthetics of the videogames. The main character of this ironic work is familiar to the viewer as a monster personifying a threat to the human society. Depicting a catastrophic reptile at the moment of rest and taking care of itself, the artists bring it closer to the viewer: sometimes a monster wants to live in beauty, even though the only candle available is someone's burning car.

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