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Iuliia Malinina


Lot 48 Year: 2016
Material, technique: Oil, acrylic on canvas
Size: 150 х 150 cm
Estimate: $3425 Start bidding: $2740

Industrial architecture occupies a special place in the artistic practice of Yulia Malinina. Her series of paintings are dedicated to plants and factories, cooling towers and chimneys, fragments of industrial zones. Industrial objects are snatched from the landscape and depicted against an iridescent gentle gradient or abstract background. Separated, they acquire the quality of unreality also due to the fact that Malinina never places images of people on her canvases. By focusing on architecture of the buildings and using delicate colors, the artist exposes the sensual in the functional. “Sunrise” is a part of series dedicated to oil production. The artist depicts drilling rigs, cisterns and installations for the distillation of oil, refueling and oil refineries, representing industrial structures as parts of the sacred mystical world. Monumental and alien in the landscape, drilling rigs are melting into the gold of the morning sky.

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