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Masha Bogoraz


Lot 46 Year: 2021
Material, technique: Metal frame, mesh netting, acrylic, paper, leather, plastic
Size: 100 х 150 cm
Estimate: $9589 Start bidding: $9315

The fantastic creatures of Masha Bogoraz do not belong to this world. One way or another, their images are collected from the elements of our reality. We trace the outlines of animals — a hare and a wild boar, we recognize the outlines of an ancient Roman chariot, we read aesthetics close to cyberpunk. In front of us there is a cyborg mutant — dangerous, swift; touching and sad. The image becomes melancholic as the sculpture makes a visible gap — between modernity, where it looks alien, and the universe in which it could have existed. We suddenly become able to think about this universe and – thanks to the plasticity of the medium – to feel this gap. Then we return to our reality able to describe and understand it for ourselves more accurately.

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