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Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf


Lot 33 Year: 2016
Material, technique: Tempera, charcoal on canvas
Size: 110 х 90 cm
Estimate: $3973 Start bidding: $3425 SOLD FOR $3425

The painting “Peephole” is a part of series called “From Holiday to Holiday”, depicting the artist’s reflections upon the flow of life, with its rhythm set by long waiting time and short flashes of holidays. For children holidays are associated with magic and miracles; for adults it is more of an opportunity to take a break from the routine. The canvas shows a girl with her hands folded in a “pipe”. She is looking straight at us — the audience in front of the picture. A simple gesture highlights a child’s ability to evoke fantasies with the help of imagination: the eyes of a girl looking into the expected future are full of calm confidence.

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