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Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf


Lot 25 Year: 2017
Material, technique: Tempera, charcoal on canvas
Size: 136 х 80 см
Estimate: $4384 Start bidding: $3836

“Pressure II” is a part of the series «From Holiday to Holiday», in which the artist reflects upon the life flow with its rhythm being set by long periods of routine and short flashes of holidays. Monochrome and often nude female characters are immersed in viscous agonizing anticipation. Occasionally, the color appears on canvas as a sign of an upcoming celebration. The color burst in “Pressure II” can be interpreted as a sudden ecstatic state that broke into the routine. The feeling hits to the point of intolerance — the hand unintentionally reaches out to block the pressure, to stop the holiday.

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