Last Human Hero
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Alexander Chursin

Last Human Hero

Lot 64 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Oil on sackcloth
Size: 60 х 80 сm
Estimate: $2338 Start bidding: $1818

Considering “individual immortality” a sign of the bourgeoisie, Eduard Limonov denounced it. However, not only his political allies, but also artists who proclaimed him to be on the cutting edge of style, language, and mind advocated for his release from prison and glorification. This is not Alexander’s first attempt to mythologise the 1990s; we can see a subtle common thing in his works – changes in the social setting result in an anthropological shift, and this fact explains his attention to the death of Eduard Limonov. This large and piercing portrait brings up the sensitive topic of genius not burdened by moral rules and not overloaded with systematic culture. The tense, even oppressive atmosphere of this work reflected in contrasting shadows and the toxic colour scheme immortalises the image of the last human hero.

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