Night walk
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Valerii Limonadov

Night walk

Lot 39 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 110 х 80 сm
Estimate: $1370 Start bidding: $959 SOLD FOR $1370

Valery Limonadov is a Krasnodar artist and musician. In his paintings, the artist balances on the verge of surrealism and kitsch, both in story and style. Compositionally light and diagonally rhythmic works are, in essence, fantastic theses about the world of pretentious reality that gives birth to new chimeras and phantoms becoming a source of new illusions. This painting explores the concepts of reality and fiction and creates a new unresolved world. The emotional acuteness of the image is reinforced with deliberately rigid plasticity of the shape and thin paint surface that give the impression of conventionality. Despite the intense image, the work retains its inner harmony thanks to the balance of the internal elements.

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