Experience #2 from the Body Experience series
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Maiana Nasybullova

Experience #2 from the Body Experience series

Lot 35 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Molding, plaster, wood, casting
Size: 94 х 63 х 12 сm
Estimate: $1623 Start bidding: $1169 SOLD FOR $1169

Mayana Nasybullova is a contemporary Russian artist dwelling and working in Novosibirsk. She works with the theme of collective and personal memory, creates her own ‘artifacts’ of epoxy resin, plaster, silicone, and ceramics. Her project Current Amber was included in the Triennial program of Contemporary Russian Art. Mayana is a participant of VLADEY auction; she also cooperates with the OSNOVA gallery. Another work from the Body Experience series, a kind of semiotic model with a social discourse. The triangular composition divides the work into three levels. The first, lower, level underlines the original and natural human environment through the use of a natural material – wood. Plaster flexibility of the cast of two hands maneuvers between the theme of bodily practices and symbolic reflection of the human social evolution. The pyramid is crowned with the symbol of the new information environment.

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