Fantomas and children
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Tim Vilgant

Fantomas and children

Lot 3 Year: 2021
Material, technique: Сollage, paper, gouache
Size: 46,5 х 35,2 cm
Estimate: $205 Start bidding: $137 SOLD FOR $548

“Fantomasses and Children” is a part of recent series by the artist presented at the “Zone of Miracles” exhibition at the Larin Gallery (2021). In this artwork the author reflects upon the modern reality depicting it as a psychedelic, perverted, at times even scary Universe inhabited by transcendent characters, who nevertheless can relate to ordinary people living among us. The look alike, as if stamped, officials tower above the line of “stamped” children. Their whitewashed faces freeze in a bloodcurdling smile. It seems like this “wonderful” country inhabitants — identical and striving forward to the viewers — are about to cross the border of the image, finally uniting the two realms.

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