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Lot 75 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Plastic, casting. 1/10 edition
Size: 103 х 35 cm
Estimate: $4545 Start bidding: $3247 SOLD FOR $3247

This is a panel stylized as bas-reliefs of Stalin-era Empire. The white cement bas-reliefs depicting the everyday life of Soviet workers, were often placed on the facades of buildings. The artists repeat the principles of their composition and focus on the rhythm by means of carved shapes. This work as an architectural element is a ‘ruinized’ ghost of the ‘utopia of civilization,’ the mummified past of our present. Information society will sooner or later perish leaving only memories of its past greatness. Sublimity of the theme, the academically calibrated image, and carelessly, as if accidentally, missing elements is the greatness emerging through time.

All funds from the sale of the lot are to be benefited the Center for Contemporary Art "Typography"
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