Untitled #56
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Pasmur Rachuiko

Untitled #56

Lot 71 Year: 2020
Material, technique: Tempera on canvas
Size: 77 x 55 cm
Estimate: $1948 Start bidding: $1494

Pasmur Rachuiko was born in Rostov-on-Don. His works are filled with the aggression of Russian everyday life, modern allegories of the romantic appeal of the streets, and refraction of abominable images through his own identity. Pasmur is among the Top 100 Young Russian Artists (according to InArt). His works have been exhibited in the Luda Gallery (St. Petersburg), Gogol Center (Moscow). He is also a participant of VLADEY auction. The artist’s works are in private collections in Switzerland, Italy, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The work is characterized by substantially symmetrical structure of the composition with a complex interaction of planes, and the collision of two diagonals forming skew angles and crosses. The narrative allegory marks a tendency to wide generalizations, to the use of expressive and vivid metaphors that fuse the real motive and thought together. It is a dream of an anthropological revolution where the marginal gives people a chance to change their lives.

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