Banknote #4
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Ludmila Baronina

Banknote #4

Lot 67 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Ink, watercolor, pencil on paper
Size: 63 х 30 сm
Estimate: $1818 Start bidding: $1234 SOLD FOR $2338

This is a sophisticated map of the Russian folktale symbolism, and only the future owner will be able to interpret all the symbols. Images that we absorbed in early childhood fill us with a nostalgic feeling for the lost Alyonushka who, for some reason, left her pond of grief, Vasnetsov’s dense forest, a wooden house that could flame up and burn down at a strike of a match. It has a great value for our mythological consciousness, and this work captures the image that gives the banknote a real allegorical significance.

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