Diptych from the Portrait of the Spirit series
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Diana Romanovich

Diptych from the Portrait of the Spirit series

Lot 33 Year: 2019
Material, technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 30 х 40 сm
Estimate: $649 Start bidding: $455 SOLD FOR $519

Diana Romanovich is a painter, illustrator, designer, and a member of Pain’t Club. She was born in Novorossiysk, but lives and works in Moscow. Her works are based on her personal reasons, moves, processes. Her abstractions are shifted towards borderline, experimental variations when aesthetics and color encourage the observer to look for the compliance with the ‘legend’ by studying the encrypted biomorphic visual codes deliberately hidden behind the haze of the abstract decorations. The works included in the diptych belong to a larger series called the Portrait of the Spirit. They are elegant, eccentric and mythological; the balance estimated for the construction of the composition is shifted; the force field of the painting is not synonymous with the image field, so tension spreads beyond the framework of the painting together with blurred color spots and vertical streaks. The eerie, wrong side of the visions is not obvious; it is, rather, illusory and fantastic. The chosen color scheme enhances the viewer’s experience of objectivity.

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